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About Us

At the beginning, DAPI, Lda. was only connected to Naval and Industrial Electricity, however, but the need for new technologies grew so as to face with requests by clients. Growth was gradual, not leaving the origins behind, connected to the Industrial and Naval Electricity, which gives us a vast experience in this area of business.

Being a company dedicated to the Industry, it's evolution towards new technologies was fast but gradual, creating a team for industrial projects, working with the 3 big brands in the market, " Scheneider Electric ", " Siemens " and " Rockwell Automation ".

Telecommunications appeared naturally from the sequence of automation, structured networks, mobile networks, creating the telecommunication department which counts with certified teams for the most diverse projects in the area.






Proximity with clients


Satisfy the client's needs using the most appropriate technology so as to present solutions for the client's problems.


We strive and commit to serving our clients with our Experience, Efficiency, Dynamic and Inovation.