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  • Portic ControlUpdate of an automatic control system for 2 50t portics, in parallel function.

  • Alarm control unit with SMS managementDevelopment of an alarm unit for placement in advertising panels across the country, with alarm management for data base with sms information for the responsible technicians.

  • Watering system for eucalyptus growthDevelopment of software and supervision of system with 16 watering programs, 32 cycles and 64 electrovalves attributed according to analyzed values.

  • Cryogenic Tipping SystemAutomatic switchgear with a temperature, schedule, and manual control for tipping of the customer supply system.

  • 5 Pump Control in a 1 variator individual rampAutomated control switchgear, allowing the placement on service of the necessary pumps to keep the pressure of the service stipulated on the console. Individual startup om a 1 variator ramp.

  • Pool supervisionPool supervision system, with temperature, PH, ORP, pump system, filtres, ozonator, valves and level control.