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Here you can get to know our services better.

  • Industrial Electricity ProjectsWithdrawal of schemes, detailed system analysis, breakdown repairs, switchgear setup, electrical instalations, termography, measurement of soils and preventive maintenence plan.

  • Software DevelopmentWe project, develop and investigate the best solution for your project. Equipment upgrade, optimization and cost/benefit analysis.

  • Industrial RoboticsAnalysis of equipment, space and needs so as to conclude which would be the best Robot to face your needs, keeping an optimization in the cost/benefit relationship.

  • TelecommunicationsFixed network, mobile network, fiber optics, structured networks, assembly, management, projects and maintenence. Work at altitudes. Certified teams.

  • Project ManagerWe manage your project so that it goes according to plan, accompanying all contracters so that you can be assured and relaxed towards the whole integration.

  • Project DevelopmentIncreasingly, the market feels the need of polyvalent work teams so as to give you a qualified response for your whole project. DAPI has the right solution for your project.